Moree Water Ski Park

In November 2014, Wilde Civil commenced work as the Principal Contractor on the Moree Water Ski Lakes Project. This project involved the earthworks and associated structures for two water ski lakes, both 800 metres long and were built in compliance with International and Australian water skiing standards. The third lake is 1.2 km long, over 200 metres wide and designed as a circuit lake for a wide range of water sports.

Wilde Civil completed all earthworks on-time and to the satisfaction of the Client, including additional work supplementary to the contract, in June 2015.

Wilde Civil is proud to have played a significant role in this project (besides being a local contractor!) this project has been a solution to an ongoing environmental issue for the town, in the disposal of spent artesian water from the local aquatic centre. Historically the water has been pumped directly into the Mehi River, which the Environmental Protection Authority opposed and demanded a new disposal method be found; thereby the idea for the Water Ski Lakes was born.

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